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folkloric  surrealism


a new solo exhibition by YULIA PUSTOSHKINA


26 April – 2 May, 2023

Open daily 11am – 7pm

Opening Night Thursday 27 April 6pm - 9pm


M2 Gallery

450 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills, Sydney Australia

For artworks enquiries and purchase
please contact

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Most of the artworks in my new collection for the upcoming solo show “White Rabbit Black Cat” are inspired by my recent travels in Egypt. But not only that. The reason I finally went on this trip was due to my long time longing to discover for myself and mostly see for myself all those mysteries, the Pyramids in the first place. Another reason for my new creations is my never stopping desire to learn and uncover more of the hidden history of our planet. After having read books by Graham Hancock, watching numerous documentaries, discovering the incredible work of Dolores Cannon I just can not stop myself wanting to know more and more about the new truth of the history of civilizations, new metaphysical views on reality and dimensions, the afterlife and the fascinating facts of extraterrestrial life. Within the last couple of years I have completely immersed myself in these studies that I comfortably combine while working by myself in my studio. While I might sit and work all day within a small space of my studio I nevertheless feel as if so much space is around me because of the knowledge I receive listening to audio books, lectures, interviews and videos while my mind travels all around the Earth, to other planets, to other dimensions, out into the Universe! I never feel confined within the walls of my studio. Naturally, the new body of work is highly influenced by these subjects. As an artist that is what I do, I put all these ideas that swing by in my head onto the new canvases. The meaning of Oneness and love to every living creature in this World highly resonates with me. As always through my work I strive to bring the best and most positive emotions of the viewers forward, to ignite that sparkle of light with the eternal good energy and love. I hope the viewers will enjoy.

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