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the artworks of Yulia Pustoshkina


oil painting on canvas 92cm/122cm



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"So very often I am asked about my inspiration: where it comes from? And the answer is always so simple, it comes from everywhere, it is all around us. Where ever I look, I notice things, animals, plants, birds. And the next second my imagination switches on, and it elevates the scene opening more that can not be seen from the first glance. The starting point is always the nature around me.

Once getting out into my garden I met this very bright green Grasshopper. His color stunned me with its beauty, in contrast to my purple petunias in the background. I managed to take some good photos while he was patiently waiting, his eye following my every move. 

I could not resist, I had to paint him. Thus this painting was born. It is full of warm colors to promote happiness and appreciation whereever you are. May our homes be our most loved places!"

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