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folkloric  surrealism

MEOWZERS mini solo exhibition

as part of "BOUND BY NATURE" 3 artists show

7 October - 11 November

Corey Helford Gallery

571 S Anderson Street, Los Angeles, California

For artworks enquiries please email

These artworks form the latest series of oil paintings titled 'Meowzers'. Each painting in this collection features feline family characters, and the inspiration for this choice of subject matter came from my travels through Egypt and, most recently, Japan. Despite the vast cultural differences between these two countries, both celebrate the nature of the cat animal. Cats are known for their enigmatic behaviour, independence, and having a mind of their own. I believe my characters exhibit anthropomorphic characteristics, and the scene compositions suggest a story that allows the viewer to sense what is unfolding and pick up on the mood of the painting. As always, my signature style is infused with a flair of humor, and the main objective of these artworks is to promote kindness and acceptance of all living creatures.

Please enjoy!

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