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Oil painting on canvas, 2023



"The Ankh, also known as the "Egyptian Key of Life", is a mesmerizing symbol that has captivated people for centuries. Its cross shape, with a teardrop-shaped loop in place of a vertical upper bar, is instantly recognizable and has been used in Egyptian art and writing to represent the word for "life". But it's more than just a symbol - it represents the very essence of life itself. Throughout Ancient Egyptian history, the Ankh was a shining star in their civilization. It was known by different names in each stage of their civilization, but it always held the same powerful meaning. In the early dynasty, it was known as "the key of life" and was commonly drawn on the walls of homes and tombs as a symbol of art.

The Ankh symbolizes the wisdom of being alive and in power to judge with justice and fairness. It represents eternal life through its loop, which has no beginning and no end. The Ankh was believed to bring long life to its owners, making it a highly coveted symbol. In this painting, the Ankh is portrayed as a slender and delicate symbol, to be treasured like any life form. The Sun, at the center of its loop, represents the power that supports all life on Earth. The Scarab beetle, another common symbol in ancient Egyptian art, represents the eternal cycle of life - birth, life, death, and resurrection. These three powerful images are brought together in this artwork to create the beautiful meaning. The choice of flowers and birds in the painting reinforces the meaning of beauty and its presence in life. At the bottom of the cross, two Hamsa Paws serve as protective hands, guarding and protecting the flowering Ankh's existence. This painting is a strong symbol of life and protection for its owner, a reminder of the beauty and power of life itself."

Key of Life