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Oil painting on canvas, 2023



"The inspiration behind this painting is the tarot card The Lovers. I do believe in all things magical and mystical, there is a lot of truth in it. I've called my artistic style Folkloric Surrealism, that hopefully represents this very meaning and my endless search for all enigmas hidden.

In my painting there are two big dogs, the main characters, two very different breeds but similar in shape, like us humans, kind of similar but so different from one another in character. They picked The Lovers card in front of them. They embrace each other so wholeheartedly, their paws extend twice around their bodies in exaggerated length to reveal the meaning of how close they are to each other, literally. They are each other's soulmates, no doubt about that.


Here is some info I found on the internet, very well composed explanation about this very card, please enjoy!


In the Lovers card, the man and the woman in the image are being protected and blessed by an angel above. The couple seems secure and happy in their home, which appears to be the Garden of Eden. The fruit tree with the snake behind the woman is a reference to that story, which tells of humanity's fall into temptation and into the realm of flesh and sensuality. The angel depicted here is Raphael, the angel of air - who is of the same element of the zodiac sign that governs this card: Gemini. Air is associated with mental activity, and communication in particular, which is the foundation for healthy relationships. His blessing seems to give this card a sense of balance and harmony, the symbolization of union in a grand and cosmic sense between two opposing forces. 


The primary meaning within the Lovers is harmony, attractiveness, and perfection in a relationship. The trust and the unity that the lovers have gives each of them confidence and strength, empowering the other. The bond that they have created is very strong, and it can indicate that the two are joined in marriage, and other close and intimate relationships.

When it comes to love and relationships, the Lovers card can be a welcome sight to any seeker. The Lovers tarot card signals a wonderful cohesiveness and balance of forces, indicating complimentary energies. This card represents a pair that works well together. On the other hand, because this card also symbolizes choice, and the choice of commitment, it also raises questions of how committed you are to love. This doesn’t have to refer exclusively to another person, but can also indicate a choice between love or work, love or family, love or friendship, or even sometimes love and your entire lifestyle. The idea here is that there may be a sacrifice that you must make in order to have this love. In some ways, all commitment is a sacrifice, but one made for the right person can help you grow as an individual. The choices and sacrifices that need to be made can apply to both you, a potential or existing partner." 

(extracts from )

The Lovers

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