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the artworks of Yulia Pustoshkina

oil painting on canvas 152cm/122cm




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"In Chinese mythology from over 3000 years ago it was believed that a dragon attacked and ate the Sun during a solar eclipse. So everyone (in my painting animals, big and small) gathered together with combined efforts to drive the beast away by beating drums. The overall sense of noise and commotion add to the scene. Dragon surrounded by dragonflies. I love this visual combination as well as the word play.

2024 is the Year of the Dragon, that is why this painting is created now. According to Chinese Zodiac, people born in the year of the Dragon are charismatic, intelligent, confident, powerful, they are naturally lucky and gifted. For all those who are not a "Dragon-born", fear not, as the legend says that the mythical creature's good fortune will be sprinkled upon us all this year! "

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